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November 14, 2019
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Meter boxes and kiosk

The pictures below show typical meter boxes for domestic-sized meters. These are called U6 meters. They can register peak hourly gas loads up to 65 kW and are generally used for small shops and domestic properties with up to five bedrooms. Loads above this require larger meters and bigger meter kiosks. If you are unsure of your peak hourly gas load then check the input rating for each of the gas appliances in your property and total them up.

Please consult a Gas SafeĀ® registered engineer or an energy consultant if you need further advice. For a list of Gas SafeĀ® registered engineers in your area, please visit

When you know your hourly load you can then decide if you require a meter box or a kiosk.






Meter positions must be located externally whenever possible, they should be on the wall closest to our gas main or not more than 2m up the side of the property. An external meter position allows us to maintain our equipment safely and avoids inconvenience when your meter is read by your supplier.



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Meter kiosks for larger sized meters are shown on the left. Larger meters are used for commercial and industrial properties, for example restaurants, factories, energy centres, hospitals etc. They may also be used for larger domestic properties or properties with a swimming pool. These GRP kiosks come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the meter required.