Gas Pipe Excavation

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The bottom of the trench must be prepared to provide a bed for the pipe.
The bed must be even and suitably compacted so as to provide a firm
support under the pipe and must be free of sharp objects such as bricks,
concrete and rocks. It may be necessary to import backfill material such
as sand for pipes laid in these conditions. Wherever possible the service
trench bed must have a continuous downward gradient from the building
towards the main. Make sure trenches are safe before any work is carried
out in them. The developer or customer must not carry out any excavations that are in
the Public Highway without proper licensing.
Trench routes must be laid out as per the proposal drawings agreed with
us and it is the developers’ responsibility to provide suitable fine fill
(sand) to cover up to 100mm after installation.
Keep clearance of at least 250mm between gas pipe/fittings being
installed alongside, or crossing, the known position of other utilities’

Our quotations are normally based on a one visit approach to lay all mains
unless otherwise requested and agreed at the time of the quotation.
Additional variations will be charged for – please check your quotation for
full details of our conditions.


When you contact us for the installation of gas mains and/or services it is
important that all the areas in which we need to work are clear of
obstacles including any scaffolding. DS Gas, or its approved contractors,
are not permitted to work under scaffolding.
Any visit where clear access is not possible will be aborted and you may
be charged for additional visits. Please ensure that the area is clear of
scaffolding and other obstacles before we arrive on site to avoid any
delays to your work.