Commercial gas meters

Commercial Gas Meters

Low Pressure

U16 Gas Meter

Medium Pressure

U25 Gas Meter

Load Assessment

When establishing whether the gas meter installation is fit for use based on the current and future usage of gas on site, customers are often asked to provide a load assessment. An accurate assessment of site load helps ensure that the consumer's future gas needs are not compromised.

Technical Consultant Service

We often work on gas connections with various clients. For some of them we manage routine gas installations, whereas for some of them we manage more complex issues. Providing customers with precise information on work required on site is paramount to gaining their trust and is part of our business logic.


When we manage gas installation, we conduct all safety measures because safety is our highest priority. We uphold this at all times when working with our partners and suppliers. We are proud of our heritage and world-class safety record. We consistently review our procedures and protocols according to gas installation certificate with the purpose to guarantee excellent levels of safety, reliability, security, and customer service.


For commercial users we provide gas meter exchange, installation, and removal from U6 to bespoke gas meters on low and medium pressure. In order for a new gas meter installation, we require a gas supply contract to be in place and the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). For a gas meter exchange, we require a gas supply contract, an existing Meter Serial Number (MSN) and the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). For the removal of commercial gas meter, we require the Meter Serial Number (MSN).