Domestic gas connection

We help you build a better

We analyse your needs carefully

If you don’t already have gas connected to a property and need a new gas pipe connection (or the property has been previously disconnected from the gas network) our team of specialists can help you every step of the way to connecting the gas supply.
Information we need:

  • Full address of the property where the work is needed.
  • Property owner's full name and telephone number.
  • Is there any private land (in example a garden or a driveway) between the property and the nearest footpath or road.
  • Where the gas meter will be positioned at the property.
  • Distance in meters from the gas meter to the property boundary.

We provide the best solution for you

We're always happy to connect new people to our network; New Home Connections is a service that we have to charge for, so we'll assess the work required and then give you a quote. We respond to your connection requests as quickly as we can, typically within a day or two.
If you're happy with the quote, we generally require payment when you accept it, and we'll contact you within 2-4 weeks to arrange for the work to be carried out.
After that, we get to work as soon as we can. It can be complicated, and the time taken will vary according to our workload and Highway Authority requirements. We'll usually finish the work within 4-8 weeks from the quote acceptance.