What are standard and non standard gas connections quotes?

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March 14, 2017
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March 14, 2017
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In the world of gas pipe connections, there are two main types of gas pipe connection quotes which we wanted to go into more detail about.


We provide gas connections for both domestic and commercial properties. We assist a wide range of customers who own or rent houses, flats, holiday homes, offices restaurants, takeaways, factories, council buildings and even league football grounds. You name it, we’ve installed gas to it! We cover the whole country including England, Scotland and Wales, and provide competitive quotes for a new gas supply.

If you are looking to get a new domestic gas installation to your home, there are a few criteria that should be matched. Firstly, you should not already have a live service to your property. The premises must be used for domestic purposes such as a house or a flat, and there can be no more than 4 gas connections requested at any one time, to benefit from lower prices.

In order for a gas connection to be classed as domestic, the distance between the gas meter and the gas mains must be under 40 metres in length. Generally for a domestic gas connection, your peak demand will be no more than 75 kilowatts (kW).

Connections for domestic supplies generally fall in the range of £300-£1200 + VAT as they are heavily subsidised. At DS Gas we aim to provide your domestic gas supply quote within 1-2 days, though at busy times this may take longer.


Non standard quotes are generally given to commercial premises, though a domestic property can sometimes be classed as non standard. If your domestic property requires more than 75 kW peak demand, the quote would be a non standard new gas installation supply quotation for a domestic dwelling.

If you are a property developer developing more than 4 properties and cannot provide the names of the future tenants or owners, it wouldn’t be classed as standard and therefore not subsidised. A block of flats that require a new gas supply above the first floor becomes a non standard gas supply quotation due to increased risks and costs of working at height.

Any property that will be used for business purposes will have to apply for a non standard quotation for their new gas installation. This could include factories, places of worship, large residential homes, restaurants, and shops.

A non standard quotation is not subsidised and can be more expensive. Your quote for a new gas supply can often take two to four weeks, if not longer as traffic management can be required and is given consent by a local authority. Generally a site survey will be carried out.

To make the process of obtaining a free quote from DS Gas for your business premise speedier please have scaled site plans at the ready. You will need to make sure that it shows the local geography and mark the proposed gas meter position clearly.

DS Gas offer competitive prices for new gas supplies and gas meters and aim to provide good service too.