Gas disconnection


If you don’t need gas at a property anymore, we can permanently disconnect the gas supply. Examples of when you may need this service could be if you are demolishing a property, or changing from gas to a different fuel source. Our specialist skilled team can help you every step of the way to disconnecting the gas supply at a property


Information we'll need:

Full address of the property where the work is needed.
Diameter of the gas pipe being disconnected.

Points to consider

Before you start any work around a gas supply, you need to find out whether it will affect the safety of the pipe. If so, you must arrange for the pipe to be disconnected.

Work that could affect gas pipelines:

  • Demolition of property - we always need to isolate all gas pipes outside the demolition area.
  • Refurbishment / modernisation of property - if it's a major refurb, the gas standpipe may be at risk, especially if you're removing internal walls.
  • Extensions to property - if you're building an extension over the existing gas supply and it can't be relocated, we will need to isolate the pipe.

Applying for a gas disconnection

We'll charge you for isolation work. Once the work is done, it'll be permanent. When the service has been isolated, you will need to request a new service if you want to use gas again.

Upon receiving your application, we will typically provide a quote within one to three work days.
Once you've accepted a quote, we will contact you within two to four weeks to arrange for the work to be carried out.

The time our job takes us will vary depending on workload and Highway Authority requirements. Our work is usually completed within four to eight weeks from a quote acceptance.