Why is a gas supply contract required before a gas meter is fitted?

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March 21, 2017
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For domestic consumers, where a live gas pipe connection already exists, it’s normally simply a case of asking a domestic gas supplier (also known as a shipper) for their unit rate prices & standing/daily charge, and a new gas meter (which is often free of charge). Domestic supply contracts are usually flexible whereby you can leave for another supplier providing 30 days notice, subject to bills being paid and up to date. An exception might be where a fixed term deal is agreed to fix rates for a longer period of time.
For non-domestic or commercial sites, to facilitate a new gas supply connection being fitted, a gas supply contract must be signed with a supplier. This is normally a fixed term deal or 12, 24 or 36 months. Once a meter is fitted there is access to gas. Guidelines state that before access to gas is given, there must be responsibility taken by a customer to pay for gas used and for a company to invoice for it too. In rare circumstances, some meters have no attached contract or supplier, hence customers have then free access to gas which can be deemed theft and result in pipe connections being cut off without warning.
A gas supplier will be the company that sends you a monthly or quarterly bill for energy used. Some suppliers may say that they cannot provide a supply contract unless a meter already exists. This can appear like a ‘chicken and egg’ situation but it is possible to solve, and we have helpful contacts and experience to overcome such problems.
To obtain a gas supply contract where no meter already exists can be a little trickier than normal, but rest assured, at DS Gas Connection we can help make the process that bit easier for you if you want us to. The following information needs to be provided to a supplier:
Contact name:
Contact telephone number:
Contract start date:
Contract term length: 1, 2 or 3 years
Company name:
Company Registration Number (if applicable):
Registered Company Address:
Meter Point Reference number (MPR or MPRN):
Meter size: U6, U16, U25, U40, U65, U100, U160 or larger (non-standard)
AQ (Annual Quantity) / also known as estimated annual consumption of gas (kWh):
Gas prices, like the stock markets, are constantly rising and falling, so when prices are issued, they may only be valid for a short period or withdrawn from validity without warning in exceptional circumstances. For this reason, it’s better to be ready to sign as soon as you receive prices which are satisfactory or most competitive. Once paperwork is signed and acknowledged by a supplier, we can usually fit a gas meter within 5-10 working days, or the next working day after a gas pipe connection is completed.