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February 15, 2019
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March 15, 2019
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We bring the gas to homes and businesses across UK. We invest money, time and effort every year to make sure our pipelines are protected – but the biggest danger to our network is you.

D is for Dial
Digging can be dangerous. Hit a gas pipe and you might cause a gas leak, a fire or explosion. So phone us first on 0207 993 6023 or email You can find out where gas pipes are.

I is for Investigate
It’s the only way to stay safe

Before you start work, you must get a copy of up-to-date gas plans and General Conditions and keep them with you on site.
Use online mapping service to find the mains pipes under your land.
Working near a medium-, or intermediate- or high-pressure gas pipe? You might need a site visit – call us so we can arrange it.
Plan ahead – we need at least 10 days’ notice for a site visit.
You’ll also need publication ‘SSW22 Safe working in the vicinity of high-pressure pipelines and associated installations’.
Remember, you can’t work on a wayleave or easement (land which we have rights over to maintain our gas network) without written permission.
And you can’t work near or move heavy equipment over any gas pipeline until all our conditions have been met and we agree with your method of working.

G is for Go ahead
Make sure you have our up-to-date gas plans on site.
Need extra advice? Call us on 02079936023 or email
Use cable- and pipe-locating devices.
Use safe digging practices, taking every precaution to avoid damaging gas pipes, damaging yourself and damaging your bank balance. You will be billed for any costs if something goes wrong.
If in doubt, phone us again. We’re happy to help.