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March 1, 2019
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Efficient gas spending

As we have established previously, gas is far cheaper per unit of energy than electricity. For many people without a gas supply, electricity is their only option, but have you tried to see how much a new gas connection would cost? Is it financially viable for your home?

How much does a gas supply cost?
This really does vary depending on your property, but there are a few important things that you need to consider which will contribute significantly towards the cost of the connection:

Has the property had gas in the past and been disconnected?
How close is the nearest gas line?
Are you in a rural part of the country? If you are outside towns or cities it is quite likely that a gas supply quite hard to obtain to your property. In this case costs could spiral into £1000s just to get connected, making it quite an expensive option.
Are you in a flat above the ground floor or connecting more than 4 domestic properties at once? Flats tend to have complications as the pipe will need to run through other people’s property. High rise properties also suffer with issues of gas pressure. These types of properties tend to cost thousands of pounds to connect.

For example, if you live in a community where there are a number of existing properties that do not have a connection to a gas supply, then the term ‘infills’ is usually applied to the gas connection project. These are often remote communities situated some distance from a relevant gas main.

If a number of local residents gather together and request that an infill project is undertaken, the GT will determine the connection charge at the beginning of the scheme and apply a similar charge to all requests for a connection to the main for a maximum period of twenty years.

Therefore if you have recently moved into a remote community and the neighbours are connected to the gas network but your property is not, then according to the regulations, as long as you find out what the infill project rates were, then those same rates can be applied to connect your property – even if the original project was nearly 20 years ago. This could therefore save you quite a lot of money.

Is it worth getting a gas supply?
If you have an idea of the cost, you need to decide if it is going to be worth it long term. Obviously in the short term the cost is going to be significant, as not only will you need to pay for a gas connection, you also will need to pay for the installation of a boiler, radiators and pipework. This involves installing pipework from the meter to the boiler and additional pipework to provide the heating via radiators or underfloor heating.

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