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November 29, 2019
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May 18, 2022
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Consent form is written permission from a property owner to enter, excavate and install a gas service within their land. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain any required consents and carry out all negotiations. Written proof of consent is required before work can be carried out. Where a connection proceeds we may need to share your information with our legal services providers to enable an appropriate land consent and easement to be put in place.

This is written agreement which  gives us permanent rights registered against the property title at the Land Registry. A typical example might be for a housing development that requires an extension from our network to supply several properties.  If we identify the need for a third party consent on your application we’ll arrange a site visit to check the situation. If required, consents can significantly delay your project as we are dependent on third parties to give us permission. Typically this can take three to six months, sometimes longer. We’ll start negotiations with the landowner and/ or occupier once you’ve paid for the work we’ve quoted for. You will be liable for any further costs arising from the negotiations. If we have to change the planned route for your connection because we cannot get consent, then we may have to revise or withdraw our original quotation.


Please contact us if you require more information regarding consent form – 0800 069 8290